Prepping myth exposed: Why bugging out might be a terrible idea


Source: Natural News, by L.J. Devon

With so many catastrophic scenarios at play in the world today, more people are beginning to plan ahead by preparing for the worst-case scenario. Water shortages, currency collapse, solar flares, earthquakes, riots, plagues, martial law and war all threaten civilization. Some people are investing in rural property and equipping hidden locations, stocking up on food, water, ammunition and other self-sustaining necessities. Most preppers are also equipping their “bug out bags” in case an unfortunate event causes them to leave their home in a hurry.

Here are some reasons why bug out plans might just be a terrible idea, including alternative insight that may come in handy for those facing difficult situations.

Avoid close quarters and stressed situations that lack a sense of community

First, it’s important to note that humans are a territorial species. In close quarters, humans are more willing to become…

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