The changing face of Reno: Why the ‘world’s biggest little city’ is attracting Apple & Tesla


Walk down First Street in downtown Reno, Nevada and you see an evolving city that’s like an awkward teenager transitioning between an old life and the glimpse of a new one. The street, which hugs the Truckee River, has been informally nicknamed “Startup Row,” because of the 20 or so startups that have come to call the area home; there are young developers building internet of things hardware devices, kid-focused iPad apps, and connected bike training kits.

Smack dab in the middle of the “Row,” and across the street from a lush park in the center of the river, over 100 people — freelancers, contractors, developers — work out of a space called the Reno Collective. It’s a fishbowl-style co-working loft that would easily be at home in the South of Market area of San Francisco. On the Thursday that I visited, Reno Collective founder…

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