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Pick up truck engine overhaul

Our pick up truck needs to be overhauled. Air, smoke and bursting sound like pressurized air and water were coming out of the engine everytime we try start its engine. One of our neighbors happens to be a diesel mechanic and I told my brother to talk to him to help us fix the car.

Our neighbor then check what’s wrong with our car’s engine, mechanic then called two more mechanics to help him open the engine. They told me the engine valve/injector was stucked/broken and other parts like engine gasket, hose etc are needed to be replaced. They added they need to take the top most part of the engine to the Machine shop to loosen some of its part because they can’t loosen it using ordinary tools. They ensured me however that the whole car will be fixed by Friday, hopefully they will be able to so I can use the car again to pick some groceries at the mall, etc.