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Pagsanjan Falls



Sandy Special.


Gold Rush.





Fork over between $300k-$500k for the ultimate 911, built by none other than Singer Vehicle Design in California, like this pristine, bespoke, jaw dropping piece of art shipped to the Middle East buyer.

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Table for my TV


Need a furniture like this for my 49 inch LG Smart TV 🙂

Leaking Gear Oil


Had to get our pick up truck fixed.

because Gear oil is leaking on the side of one the wheels.

Owning dozens of houses is no longer something to brag about for Chinese government officials

‘Needs to be addressed’: Glenn Thrush questions Al Sharpton’s MSNBC cred

Immersive Surfaces

Oregon man serving prison sentence for collecting rainwater on his own property

The changing face of Reno: Why the ‘world’s biggest little city’ is attracting Apple & Tesla


Walk down First Street in downtown Reno, Nevada and you see an evolving city that’s like an awkward teenager transitioning between an old life and the glimpse of a new one. The street, which hugs the Truckee River, has been informally nicknamed “Startup Row,” because of the 20 or so startups that have come to call the area home; there are young developers building internet of things hardware devices, kid-focused iPad apps, and connected bike training kits.

Smack dab in the middle of the “Row,” and across the street from a lush park in the center of the river, over 100 people — freelancers, contractors, developers — work out of a space called the Reno Collective. It’s a fishbowl-style co-working loft that would easily be at home in the South of Market area of San Francisco. On the Thursday that I visited, Reno Collective founder…

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Sweetheart grips

Meccanica Mekaniikka Mecanică

Lt. John Ernser, 26 - Sweetheart gripped 1911A1 - Loiano, Italy 1945.

Lt. John Ernser, 26 – Sweetheart gripped 1911A1 – Loiano, Italy 1945.

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